There are many unique experiences at Cloud Wars Expo and the one thing we can guarantee: They are different from most anything you have experienced at a physical event (we did that on purpose 😄).

Experience Floor: An “expo hall” designed to upgrade your expectations

  • Hundreds of cloud vendors, partners and experts that want to meet you and help reach your goals
  • 6 Cloud “Neighborhoods” where you can optimize your time and meet with experts that know how to work with sharp tools
  • Multiple “Industry Hubs” with vertical market solutions
  • FREE Conference programming held at Center Stage

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CXO2 Private Club: Imagine a country club without the lame dress code and add in some strategic discussions about the future

  • Meet up with smart people to discuss growth ideas
  • Join intimate jam sessions with real world CXO analysts on big topics
  • Grab some coffee, a soda, or a snack and chill with cool people
  • Schedule a meeting and use this area to do it the right way

Cloud Wars Academy: Short form bursts of intelligence that you can apply to your business & career

  • June 28: 101 Strategic Overview & Idea Classes and 201 Advanced Roadmap & Execution Classes
  • June 29: 6 Cloud Tech Tracks with 6 sessions each on cloud data, security, infrastructure, ERP, AI, and Supply Chain
  • June 30: Cloud Wars Academy & Acceleration Economy deliver Industry Cloud Battleground
  • All sessions built to share intelligence in short, meaningful bursts instead of wasting time screwing around

Industry Cloud Battleground Live: The biggest Cloud Companies in the World on one stage June 30th

  • Each Cloud Vendor answers the same 5 industry-specific questions (created by CXOs in each vertical market)
  • Each vertical industry has its own room and Acceleration Economy Analyst host
  • Industries covered: Healthcare, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Retail, Public Sector, and Hospitality/Entertainment
  • The biggest cloud vendors on the planet in the same place for the first time in HISTORY answering the same questions

Analyst Connect: Accelerate Growth decisions by scheduling a one-on-one meeting with real world CXO analysts from Acceleration Economy

  • Schedule a 20-minute one-on-one session to discuss what growth decision you are trying to accelerate
  • Experts available to discuss: Industry Clouds, Cloud Infrastructure, ERP, Security, Data and more
  • Bounce big ideas off of these analysts — a mutual NDA is signed prior to the discussion
  • Get exclusive insights you can share with your BoD and Executive Committee

Keynote Presentations: Open your mind with the biggest brains on the planet defining our digital future

  • See how Microsoft’s Sustainability Cloud is enabling tomorrow’s business model on June 29
  • Discover Oracle’s plan to revolutionize Cloud ERP and Data through Industry Clouds on June 30
  • Get insights and ideas usually reserved for “Analyst Relations” calls
  • Learn how two of the biggest companies in the universe are playing chess

Center Stage: From Startup pitches to imaginative interviews and ideas

  • See exclusive 3-minute, no-fluff product pitches from hot cloud startups
  • Get new ideas that can shape the future of your business
  • Be inspired by big thinkers and futurists in our interviews
  • Experience the optimism and opportunity of the Cloud

Innovation Path: 50 of the coolest Cloud Startups helping you reimagine the world

  • See the future as you walk the Innovation Path that welcomes you to Cloud Wars Expo’s Experience Floor
  • Learn about new solutions, ideas, and innovations before your competitors do
  • Consider what is possible as you challenge old ways of thinking
  • Discover fresh ideas that will dazzle customers and give you a competitive advantage
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