CVP, Global Industry Transformation
It is my privilege to collaborate with and empower teams, customers, and partners, as they digitally engage with customers in new ways, formatively reimagining entire markets and industries.
Executive Vice President
Responsible for Oracle’s vertically oriented Global Business Units: Communications, Construction & Engineering, Food & Beverage, Financial Services, Health Sciences, Hospitality, Retail and Utilities.
Co-Founder, Co-CEO, and Chairman
Aneel has been a leader, product visionary, and innovator in the enterprise software industry for more than 20 years. Before co-founding Workday in 2005, Aneel held a number of leadership positions at PeopleSoft, including vice chairman of the board and senior vice president responsible for product strategy, business development, and marketing.
CIO & Head of Technology
C-Level Executive Managing IT Transformation & Digital Supply Chain for multi billion dollar company. Entrepreneur - Supply Chain - Food & Beverage, Media & Entertainment Love the building process especially in a multi-continent, multi-vertical industry scope.
3X CMO, #1 Business Podcaster
Category Design is the most powerful (underground) skill in business. Category Designers introduce us to new ways of living, working and playing. They break new ground, make a big difference and in business, earn (on average) 76% of the total value created in the market category they design.
Co-Founder, Blockworks
We believe crypto will become one of the largest asset classes in the world. As the number of crypto investors grows exponentially, these investors will demand a better source of news, data, information, research, analysis, and more
PHD, Professor, Author
Venkat Ramaswamy is Professor of Marketing at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA. He is a globally recognized thought leader, idea practitioner, and eclectic scholar with wide-ranging interests in innovation, strategy, marketing, branding, IT, operations, and the human side of the organization.
Chief Data & Analytics Officer
Tamar Shapiro is a Partner of Data & Analytics at TZP Group where she works closely with portfolio companies to enable them to leverage their data to drive engagement, sales and profitability. She also partners with the investment teams to apply advanced analytics to sourcing investments, conducting due diligence, assessing potential performance and optimizing the overall portfolio.
MC & Chief Analyst
Chief Content Officer and Co-Founder of the Acceleration Economy, Bob leads the strategic direction of the global analyst network and actively covers the Cloud and Digital Business categories. Creator of Cloud Wars Top 10, a ranking and ongoing analysis world's most-influential tech companies driving digital business and the digital economy.
Chris Hughes is an Acceleration Economy Analyst focusing on Cyber Security. Chris currently serves as the Co-Founder and CISO of Aquia. Chris has nearly 20 years of IT/Cybersecurity experience.
VP, Digital Transformation, TZP
Seasoned marketing executive with a track record of building, directing, and empowering talented cross-functional teams that positively impact results at both startups and Fortune 200 organizations. Passionate about combining creative and analytical thinking to increase brand awareness, acquire customers, improve loyalty and grow sales through integrated campaigns
CIO/CTO/CDO | CEO/Board Advisor
Wayne Sadin, an Acceleration Economy Analyst focused on Board Strategy, has had a 30-year IT career spanning Logistics, Financial Services, Energy, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Direct-Response Marketing, Construction, Consulting, and Technology.
Managing Director, Global Supply Chain
Hans Thalbauer joined Google Cloud in August 2020 and is responsible for the vision, mission, and strategy for global supply chain and logistics business solutions across all industries.
PhD, Assistant Professor
CEO & Co-Founder
C-Suite Network Council Leader
I love building tribes and making life and business hum while achieve extraordinary outcomes for all.
Exploring 5G
Intellectually Curious: Enjoy navigating between the big ideas and executional realities to create an achievable strategic product vision. Possess a hunger to learn and a seeker of new challenges.
Chief Channel Officer
I believe that businesses run on stories. Whether content strategy, brand-building, business strategy, or community engagement, organizations need a clear vision of their story to be able to connect to customers and employees.
As CEO and President of SADA Systems, Tony Safoian firmly believes that technology can empower people to transform their world. To this end, he places innovation at the core of the business model, coupled with exceptional customer experience and managed services. Under Safoian’s guidance, SADA has differentiated itself by proactively addressing a rapidly evolving market across Enterprise, Midmarket, Government and Education sectors, while anticipating the needs of its customers—often even before they do.
Partner, Pelorus Technology
A thirty-plus-year grizzled veteran of the ERP wars. Intent on delivering new tools, processes, and attitudes to a market space where challenged and failed projects are a growing concern. What was the last technology that made ERP software faster, cheaper, and easier to implement, maintain and upgrade? Go ahead. I’ll wait.
CEO, Chief Scientist
Louis Rosenberg, PhD is a technology pioneer in fields of virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence. He founded Unanimous AI to amplify the intelligence of networked human groups using the biological principle of Swarm Intelligence combined with AI.
Chief Reinvention Officer
FEMALE STEAM EXECS: IT'S TIME TO RELEASE FEAR, TAKE RISKS, REIMAGINE & REINVENT YOUR CAREER Empowering mid-level female execs refine their goals & take their professional risks w/out the crash & burn. Contact me to learn how you can thrive in your career.
Founder, The Utopian
Toni Witt runs The Utopian, a blog/podcast about how blockchain and extended-reality are joining to form the next Internet. He's also interning at a VR startup and studying computer science with a focus on HCI, immersive tech, and blockchain. He has strong entrepreneurial aspirations.
Chief Data Officer
John Muehling is an Analyst who has implemented data strategies and business processes for some of the world’s largest brands. His understanding of technology and day-to-day revenue operations enable a unique perspective that he is able to successfully shares with both executive stakeholders and front-line operators.
Automation Architect
Ronak Mathur is an Acceleration Economy Analyst focusing on Automation. Ronak is a Software professional with 4+ years of experience specializing in Robotics Process Automation.
Acceleration Economy Analyst focused on business & technology strategy for the SMB CIO and the current CIO of Paragon Films, Kenny analyzes the impact of technology to drive business, process, and customer value for mid-market companies.
Chief Philanthropy Officer
Paul Swider is an Acceleration Economy Analyst focused on healthcare technology and the Chief Philanthropy Officer for RealActivity, a Boston-based SaaS startup, focused on streamlining healthcare operations and improving the patient-provider experience.
Data Scientist
Business Data Scientist and Project Manager (Waterfall & Agile) with experience in Business Intelligence, Robotics Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning in multiple business fields, gained within global business environment over the last 20 years.
Chief Revenue Officer
President and Co-Founder, Activate
Chief Marketing Officer
Scott Vaughan is an Acceleration Economy Analyst focusing on the Chief Marketing Officer and marketing's role and contribution to this massive business movement.
Kieron Allen is an Acceleration Economy Analyst examining the innovation, opportunity and future impact of the Metaverse on culture, work, social engagement, vertical industries, the customer and more.
Business Transformation
Tony currently serves as Senior Advisor to the CEO and executive team at Xometry, a publicly traded, on demand manufacturing marketplace. He most recently led the turn around, growth and successful sale of Thomasnet.com to Xometry in December of 2021 for $300m.
Co-Host & Principal Analyst
Aaron Back (Bearded Analyst), VP / Principal Analyst for Acceleration Economy, focuses on empowering individuals and organizations with the information they need to make crucial decisions.
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