Prepare for the Future

Industry Cloud Roadmaps

Industry Cloud Roadmaps 2022 moment: Why Oracle Uses a Defense in Depth (DiD) Approach to Security in the Public Sector

Sessions from vendors, partners and business technology leaders on how they have reimagined business models with an industry first cloud approach.

What to expect:

  • Explore how other industries are innovating
  • Discover new ideas and insights to apply to your business
  • Get a front row seat to see the future

Analyst Sessions

Analyst Sessions 2022 moment: How Businesses Pivot Across Industries to Dazzle Customers

Schedule a one-on-one with the Acceleration Economy Practitioner Analysts that have designed this conference based on their experience as CEOs, CISOs, CIOs, CTOs, CDOs and more

What to expect:

  • Unfiltered discussions under NDA
  • Actionable ideas, insights and perspective
  • Some good “been there, done that” stories

Networking & Receptions

Networking & Receptions 2022 moment: How to Evaluate and Empower Employees in the Work From Anywhere Era

Shoot the breeze in relaxed environments and get to know executives from FedEx, Gorilla Glue, SAXX, Cirque du Soleil, best selling authors like “Category Pirate” Christopher Lochhead and thought leader in academia like Venkat Ramaswamy

What to expect:

  • Low key opportunity to get to know peers
  • Fun & entertaining activities
  • Great food and drinks